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Unity’s Friends Room is an exciting new online adventure for Unity in the UK. It is  a very special place on the website where you can get, at the click of a mouse, access to videos, audio downloads and a host of other services, including audio Daily Word, audiobooks of classic Unity texts, daily and monthly services, and Unity’s wonderful archive of talks and meditations.

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We regularly update all our material and also add new features. Let us know what you think, and what ideas you may have, as we want to make it fit in with all our Unity friends’ needs. Click on the pale green improve the Friends Room icon at the bottom of this page if you wish to leave comments, or email us directly.

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We do hope the Friends Room will make you feel a real part of Unity wherever you are, whatever you are doing, wherever you live.  We suggest you use headphones when watching videos or listening to audio downloads to get the best experience
. If you have any technical questions go to our support page, or email Steve at Unity:

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When you are ready to begin your Friends Room experience, simply scroll down this page. Click on any of the blue links to access talks, meditations and readings; or click on the YouTube icon to watch any of our Friends Room videos.


& if you are appreciating all that the Friends Room offers you and other Unity members in the UK, why not support us with a small donation:

Friends Room Daily Word

Some of you may already take audio Daily Word as a regular monthly cassette or CD, as a paid subscription, or free if you are registered blind or partially sighted. Here however we are offering a completely new Daily Word service, featuring audio downloads of classic Daily Word readings from the past. These recordings will be refreshed regularly to keep you up to date. Click on the blue date numbers below to start your audio download. Your computer’s media player will open and you should automatically hear the recording after a few moments. Please note that because these are historic recordings, the daily readings may occasionally deal with special days in the past calendar (eg Easter Sunday or Mothering Day) which occur on different days in this, our present year.

2012 Was the year of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

2012 Was the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

For our March Classic Daily Word readings, we move forward twelve months to 2012, which was the year of the the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This of course is the month preceding Easter, but please note that in 2012 Easter was on different days so you may find Easter readings popping up on odd days…. As usual these more recent recordings are read beautifully by Ken Bradley.

Monday March 20th: 20

Tuesday March 21st: 21

Wednesday March 22nd: 22

Thursday March 23rd: 23

Friday March 24th: 24

Saturday March 25th: 25

Sunday March 26th: 26

Monday March 27th: 27

Tuesday March 28th: 28

Wednesday March 29th: 29

If you have enjoyed these classic recordings, why not consider taking out a subscription for the audio version of the current Daily Word, which is still offered at just £15 a month to subscribers – and is FREE for blind or visually impaired people. Please click here for more details.

Friends Room Daily Services New

Those of you who phone the Silent Unity prayer-line will know that we hold services here at Unity Maidenhead every weekday where we keep everyone in prayer who is named on our daily prayer lists. Now, and exclusively on the Friends Room, you will be able to take part in these services as we will be placing a regular recording on YouTube which you can access by simply clicking below.

The recording is usually a little shorter than our full daily service but does have periods of silence during which you too can join in our silent prayer and meditation. Because of confidentiality, names of those on our prayer list, which are spoken during the service, have been edited out of the recording.


Our Daily Service for March is a very special prayer time, occurring as it does during the season of Lent when we are called to go within even more reverently and lovingly. In the quietness of early springtime we also sense the joy and blossoming which is to come.  Our March YouTube recording lasts a little over twenty minutes.

If you wish to listen to our latest  Silent Unity Monthly Prayer Service which you can use in your own personal prayer and meditation, click on the audio link below.  It includes some short moments of silence between each set of prayers; and lasts about five minutes:

Monthly Prayer Service March 2017

You may also wish to download a text document of this prayer service for your own use, in which case you can click on the following link:

March 2017 Prayer Service Sheet


My Favourite DW friends banner


Over the years, we all have our favourite memorable Daily Word meditations. Some of us may cut out these pages and keep them nearby us in a purse, a wallet or by the bed. Some Daily Word subscribers go through each new bi-monthly magazine marking the pages that seem most wise or powerful for this time in their lives. In this section of the Friends Room we highlight an especially memorable Daily Word reading for the month, and present it to you in the form of a short YouTube film featuring meditational sounds & images accompanying the audio reading for that day by Ken Bradley. Ken’s reading is taken from the regular audio version of Daily Word which you can subscribe to, or have sent free if you are blind or partially sighted.


Our choice of Daily Word reading for the month of March was not hard to make! March 3rd’s beautiful meditation refers to one of Unity’s favourite Biblical quotations, ‘Peace be Still.’ These words from the psalms, are a reminder to ‘let go and let God’; and to remove ourselves from the hurry and tension which so often characterise our modern daily lives, so that we might return to the Heart of Spirit:




If you have enjoyed this recording, why not consider taking out a subscription for the audio version of Daily Word, which is still offered at just £15 a month to subscribers – and is FREE for blind or visual impaired people. Please click here for more details.



Friends Room prayer & meditation

In this special prayer and meditation section of the Friends Room we are offering a variety of Unity recordings to support your daily spiritual life.

This month we have a rather special recording to highlight on our meditation slot. By chance we came across a very beautiful Silent Unity Prayer Service which took place in Birmingham on the last day of Unity’s World Conference in the summer of 1995. Led by Mary Alice and Roichard Jafolla (who of course wrote ‘The Quest’ amongst other notable Unity books) it marked a very moving and eloquent moment as conference members from all over the woprld prepared to return to their home lands inspired by three unique days of talks, workshops, singing, prayers and meditations.

Mary-Alice & Richard Jafolla

Here is the audio recording which we are presenting as a YouTube download.


If you have enjoyed this meditation why not buy Kimerie Mapletoft’s latest Meditation CD at just £4.95 including UK postage?


Friends Room Services

Every month Unity Maidenhead holds its popular Fellowship Service which features prayers, meditations, talks & singing., For some time we have included recordings of important events such as the Burning Bowl Service or the Unity Carol Service. However here at the Friends Room visitors can view regular monthly recordings throughout the year so that, wherever you live, you can begin to feel a real part of the fellowship life of Unity.

February’s Sunday Service focused on the theme of Love – not surprising, given that this is the month of St Valentine! Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft led the service and gave a talk on how we need to unblock our ego resistances in order to open fully up to this transforming human experience. The service included prayer, meditation, song – and some wild dancing right at the end! Our YouTube video lasts around 20 minutes:


Friends Room Archive recordings new

As we embark on a New Year it is also a good time to look back and honour those Unity figures who have enriched our fellowship in times past, whether as teachers, inspirational speakers, or simply wise and kindly presences in our lives.


Ken Bradley is a very familiar name to us here in the Friends Room! Not only is he that gentle prayerful voice which brings us Daily Word recordings; but he is also a Unity Teacher who has gifted Unity with his unique wisdom and compassion over three decades.

Ken Bradley at a Unity Open day in the 1990's

Ken Bradley at a Unity Open day in the 1990’s

For our latest archive recording we go back to 1995, when Ken presented on tape a unique collection of healing readings. Designed to help a Unity member with a health challenge, these short Unity texts (which include Myrtle Fillmore’s classic, ‘How I found Health’) are read with such power and conviction that they bring us the joy of physical and spiritual transformation now in 2017 as we listen to them anew…. The selection we have chosen lasts around 25 minutes.

Healing Words


Friends Room Letter from America banner

John Wingfield Friendsroom Logo Pic

As many Friends Room members will know, Rev. John Wingfield was Unity Minister at Unity Maidenhead some years ago, returning to his home in the US in 2007. A very popular, warm and friendly figure at Unity services, retreats and Celebration Days, John was also greatly valued for his personal reflections on ‘living the Unity life’. We are so delighted therefore that John is now contributing from the States his regular  ‘Letter from America’ to the Unity Friends Room, containing thoughts and feelings about Unity Living from across the Atlantic Ocean….

Holding Hands

There are times in history when it seems human beings are called to make great leaps of faith and love in order to rise above a disorder and confusion that seems to lie everywhere about…. is it an exaggeration to say that such a time exists in the United States right now? Whatever is the answer to that question, John’s latest letter is just such an eloquent call to ‘return to the heart’, not just as individuals, but also as faith communities, in order to rise above the rough waves.

This is a letter to read once – then read more slowly a second time – then read a third time and take deep into our hearts. It is a message from America, but it could also come from so many other conflicted countries in the world….

Letter from America – Spring 2017


Friends Room Musical Offerings

Those of you who have visited Unity Centre South London, or who have attended Unity’s annual Celebration Days – will be very familiar with the impressive musical talents of Gregory Porilo. Gregory, who is both an expert pianist and composer, has recently produced a series of beautiful short compositions, inspired by traditional spiritual music & texts – and the Friends Room is very proud to present these over the next weeks.

gregory pic copy

Gregory is trying in these new recordings to relate his musical arrangements to some key words and affirmations currently in the Daily Word. I wonder if you can guess which ones he is inspired by?

Amazing Grace

My Faith looks up to Thee

Last month we featured the fine tenor voice of Gil Kirkman, performing ‘Surely The Presence’ at Unity Birmingham’s Family Gathering a few years ago. Here is another lovely recording from one of Unity’s Celebration Days in the noughties. This version of the well known gospel song, My Redeemer, is sung by an unknown singer, whose voice you will not so easily forget….


Friends Room Recommendations

Following on from our recent exploration of some spiritual enriching Meditation videos on YouTube, you might also like to know that Unity Village in the States have lots of interesting videos on YouTube, including a delightful Daily Word Meditation on a very popular Unity theme, ‘Let Go Let God’:

Daily Word on YouTube copy

If you want to visit the page and watch the video for yourself, click here. You can also, while you arer on this page, click on their UnityOnlineOrg YouTube channel to watch other similar videos which they have produced.


Friends Room Unity TV Magazine

As part of the Friends Room’s video offerings we present here a regular TV magazine programme letting you know about all that is going on in Unity here in Maidenhead (headquarters of Daily Word and Silent Unity) and beyond.

In our Unity Magazine for March,  Kimerie Mapletoft gives us lots more details of Rev Tom Thorpe’s visit to the UK, later in the Spring. Tom will be presenting a number of talks at the St Annes Retreat, but will also be visiting Unity Centres around the country. We will also be recording many of his contributions as we have done in past years.

Friends Room Audio Books


The Friends Room is excited to present over the next few months complete audio recordings of an ancient Medieval spiritual text, The Cloud of Unknowing, which many see as an important source for today’s practices of contemplative spirituality. Written by an anonymous monk in the fourteenth century it is a series of profound reflections on the nature of our mysterious connection with God, based, the writer affirms, not on will or conscious intellect, but on the deeper ‘cloud of unknowing’ within the intuitive part of our being.

cloud image

Wikipedia in its introduction to this amazing book, writes: The underlying message of this work suggests that the way to know God is to abandon consideration of God’s particular activities and attributes, and be courageous enough to surrender one’s mind and ego to the realm of “unknowing”, at which point one may begin to glimpse the nature of God…

We continue our month by month serialisation of this audiobook with Chapters 3-5, read by David Barnes for the public service audiobook website, Librivox.

03 – The Third Chapter – How the work of this book shall be wrought, and of the worthiness of it before all other works.

04 – The Fourth Chapter – Of the shortness of this word, and how it may not be come to by curiosity of wit, nor by imagination.

05 – The Fifth Chapter – That in the time of this word all the creatures that ever have been, be now, or ever shall be, and all the works of those same creatures, should be hid under the cloud of forgetting.

Friends Room Profiles

Month by month in the Friends Room we are highlighting the life and work of some of our Unity elders in the UK and beyond. We can learn much from books, listening to spiritual discussions, joining in meditations – but there is something special about those small jewels of everyday personal experience shared directly between us…

Recently, our Centre Minister here at Unity Maidenhead, Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft, was interviewed on Skype by Lois Cheatham of Unity Village, as part of their ongoing international archiving project. We thought that it would be great to show some excerpts from this fascinating transatlantic conversation as part of our Unity Profiles slot – and so here is the first of two programmes, which focuses on Kimerie’s early spiritual journey within Unity, and her work for Silent Unity UK – leading to her appointment as Director just over a decade ago.

This YouTube video  lasts around 10 minutes.

Friends Room Myspace

This place in the Unity Friends room is your space! Here we plan to put contributions from Unity people around the country whether it be personal prayers or reflections; poems or songs; pictures or drawings! We invite contributions, preferably by email (see below). But you can also put contributions in the post, if you prefer, or even record your poems, prayers or reflections (not too long!) onto the Silent Unity prayerline or office voicemail.


Yet more poems have arrived at the Unity office this month and we are delighted to present Patricia Rosser’s latest offering, some wry and perceptive verses on human relationships, intriguingly titled, ‘Believing is Seeing’:

Patricia Rosser 2

Believing is Seeing

One way you can contribute your own material to the Friends Room’s MySpace is to record something on your iPhone and upload it onto Youtube, if you send me ( the link I can then put the recording onto this web-page. For technophobes, of course, the easiest way is still probably to put something onto our Unity voicemail. But however you want to contribute, keep your ideas coming!

If you are enjoying all that the new Friends Room offers Unity members in the UK, why not support is now with a donation:

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