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Unity has some powerful phrases that I had not heard before being led here. “I let go and let God” is one; “Divine Order” is another. I have found them to be reassuring and practical, working well together. Let me explain:

Have you noticed how your mind can fixate on a thought that can drag you down or send you round in circles? I certainly have. Our minds are very adept at holding on to what does not work, especially at night time! In this limited thinking, we may ask God to fix whatever is going on, saying just how we want it to be. We have forgotten that there is a greater Mind present – the Mind of God – which is everywhere present, all knowledge, all power, all love. Mind, as Charles Fillmore called God, or Father, as Jesus called God, is always active and available to enable us to be, know and experience the best, in each moment. Yet when we tell God what to do, or get upset when life doesn’t go the way we want, we have placed ourselves in charge,  experiencing a limiting experience of good.

Our practice in Unity is to recognise when our mind starts playing games with us, and to find the space in our thinking and feeling that allows us to let go: To let go, knowing we are forever safe, loved and one with God.

Peace, be still” (Mark 4:39) is a wonderful phrase, reminding us to let go. Jesus said this as he calmed the storm. It beautifully represents the storm in our thinking. Meister Eckhart, a Christian mystic in the 13th century wrote, “There, where clinging to things ends, is where God begins to be.” Another similar idea is one shared by Byron Katy, “Who or what would I be without this thought?” If we can pause the painful or limited thinking and feel into our heart space, we open to experience God as lightness, freedom, even joy.

Having let go, Divine Order will naturally unfold. For Divine Order is the flow of God, manifesting perfectly and freely for the highest good for everyone concerned.

Recently I went with a friend to Vienna to see Braco, a Croatian who holds a silent gaze that is the Christ love flowing through him to all who connect with him. As we travelled throughout our visit, everything went so smoothly and easily. Instead of planning every minute detail, we made our plans and then let them go. This way we were present in each moment to divine ideas, guidance and the right next step to take. We observed how easy everything was; how everything fell into place without effort, how wonderful everyone was in helping us, and how we were a blessing to those we interacted with, always giving thanks for all we received. Divine order happened without any effort on our part and the weekend was a total success.

So next time you say Divine Order, know you are surrendering into Presence, into One Mind: That in each moment the activity of God is enabling you to experience the highest good, far better than we can even imagine.

“I let go and give thanks for Divine Order manifesting perfectly each day.”

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