Daily Word is produced every two months. The magazine includes an inspirational and uplifting reading for each day, affirmations and bible verse.  Each issue includes fascinating articles from leading Unity thinkers, reflective poems, and readers letters.

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Daily Word

Every day Daily Word supports people of all faiths with positive words of truth and inspiration. Millions of people throughout the world find inspiration  and support through the pages of this daily devotional.

Each issue includes an uplifting article and daily message for two months. The message themes include inner peace, healing, guidance, prosperity, forgiveness, faith, strength and more.

Daily Word is designed as a positive, life-affirming spiritual tool in daily living, containing simple, down to earth prayers and reflections

As one of our devoted readers has put it, “I can feel the love in the envelope when I open my Daily Word”.

In each issue you also will receive special offers for Unity books, CDs, DVDs and prayer literature including a regular Silent Unity prayer booklet which is offered free to subscribers.

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