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Unity is…

an open minded, inclusive, accepting spiritual community…

that honours all paths to Divinity, and can help you discover and connect with the Divine in you.

We seek to apply the teachings of Jesus, and see him as a way-shower, the example of what is possible for us all.

Unity is a centre of spiritual light for people of the world. We are dedicated to letting this light shine so brightly that people become more aware of their spiritual nature and express it in their daily lives. We address physical, mental and emotional needs through affirmative prayer and spiritual education.

We serve those who seek inspiration and prayer support as well as those who use Unity teachings as their primary path of spiritual growth.

Unity Mission and Vision

Unity helps people live more abundant and meaningful lives by discovering and living their spiritual purpose and potential. Our central belief is that prayer works. We strive to help people realise a stronger connection to God every day. We  affirm Jesus as a  way-shower – a shining example of what is possible for all of us.

Unity honours all paths to God. It offers a positive spiritual journey, welcoming everyone who is seeking answers and a spiritual home.

Unity offers inspiration and education to people of all faiths, as well as those with no affiliation. Whether you consider yourself spiritual but not religious or you’re involved in a church, mosque, synagogue, or sangha, you are welcome here.

All are welcome and celebrated at Unity 

LGBTQI+ INCLUSIVE Unity teaches that all people are created with sacred worth and that no one exists outside the heart of God.

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Belief and Philosophy

God is Spirit, the loving source of all that is. God is the one power, all good, everywhere present, all wisdom. God is divine energy, continually creating, expressing and sustaining all creation. In God, we live and move and have our being. Unity also speaks of God as Life, Light, Love, Substance, Principle, Law and Universal Mind.

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Unity’s Five Principles

1. God is the source and creator of all. There is no other enduring power. God is good and present everywhere.

2. We are spiritual beings, created in God’s image. The spirit of God lives within each person; therefore, all people are inherently good.

3. We create our life experiences through our way of thinking.

4. There is power in affirmative prayer, which we believe increases our awareness of God.

5. Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not enough. We must live them.

Unity and the Modern World:

How do we best live our beliefs and values in an increasingly complex and challenging world? Click here to watch a short video.

The UK Headquarters for Unity is based in Taplow, near Maidenhead. We run the prayer ministry Silent Unity and publish the UK edition of, Daily Word. We also distribute Unity Magazine, Unity books, CDs, DVDs and other spiritual resources to individuals and groups.


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Monthly Services