What is Unity?

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Unity is a world-wide spiritual movement, taking its inspiration from Christ’s life and healing mission, but not allied to any church, sect, or denomination.

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Unity has been an active movement in the UK and beyond for many years. There are Unity groups for prayer, meditation and discussion around the country. Unity also publishes DAILY WORD, a bi-monthly magazine containing daily readings and meditations. It is read by thousands around the UK for spiritual support in their daily lives.

Unity also has a prayer ministry in the UK, Silent Unity – affiliated to Silent Unity in the US.  This service is for anyone who wishes to receive prayer support by phone, letter, or email. Joining in prayer can be a powerful lifeline when facing life’s daily challenges, great or small. Prayer is also an amazing wayof celebrating and expressing gratitude for the many gifts that life can bring.  

Unity’s companion on our daily prayer journey is DAILY WORD, our bi-monthly prayer and meditation magazine. A regular reader of Daily Word, Veronica from Leeds, just recently told us: “I couldn’t do without my Daily Word. It is my daily sustenance and it brightens my day.”

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Spiritual Radio at Unity.FM

Unity.FM is Unity’s unique online, spiritual, radio network that serves a global audience.

The programmes on Unity.FM are a powerful voice in providing the consciousness, clarity and common vision necessary to create transformation in the world today. We call it The Voice of an Awakening World. Unity.FM

Unity in Action

UNITY holds prayer meetings, meditations, workshops and services all around the UK. The short YouTube clip below shows one of Unity London’s Celebration Day events, which are held every summer in Central London. Click here if you want more details of this summer’s event.



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This new and exciting meditation practice can open new channels to spiritual growth. Unity elder, Isabel Compton recently demonstrated it at one of our fellowship services. If you want to learn more about it why not join the Unity Friends Room where you can access a short practical video guide, led by Isabel.