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Welcome to Unity, Welcome Home

Unity is an open minded, accepting spiritual community that honours all paths to God and can help you discover and connect with the Divine in you. We seek to apply the teachings of Jesus, and see him as a way shower. We serve those who seek inspiration and prayer support as well as those who use Unity teachings as their primary path of spiritual growth


flower-1561659_1920October Sunday Service: 15th October, 3pm, Maidenhead and online. “Zzz…” Thoughts and meditation on enthusiasm

Gregory Porilo, a Licensed Unity Teacher from Unity South London, will share his thoughts and a meditation on zeal and enthusiasm as one of our twelve powers. Gregory will be with us online from London, so if you can join us in the same way using Zoom, we would love to share the afternoon with you.

Pembroke Circles 31New to Unity?

We would love to send you a welcome pack with a complimentary copy of Daily Word, Unity’s booklet with a daily affirmation and thought for the day.

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"From feeling so alone and troubled, the peace I was longing for, and the comfort from knowing I was being enfolded in prayer, came back to me, and is still with me.Thank you for all that you do and give, it helps one so much. Thank you for continuing to hold me and my loved ones in prayer , which you have done for many years now."

J.S, IOWCaller to Silent Unity Prayer Line

"I found the retreat very moving as we were all on the same plane, in search of finding our peace."

CynthiaUnity retreat participant

"I so enjoy Daily Word and am constantly amazed at how appropriate the readings are- as if selected with me specifically in mind.
A daily miracle!
Thanks and please keep up the good work- the blessings shine through!"

P.S Devon Daily Word Reader

“Thank you for a wonderful and blessed weekend. It was lovely meeting friends and being in such caring company. It was a time of coming apart for me to enjoy the beauty, stillness ,the nurturing , having such ‘graced moments’ of sharing and laughter in such beautiful surroundings. I looked forward to these times with Silent Unity to recharge the batteries and I came away feeling truly uplifted.”

ViannaSilent Unity Retreat Participant

“I feel that Unity retreats help me to return to my deepest Self and leave behind all the things that get in the way. I feel more Me at the end of a Unity retreat. Everyone is positively kind. Thank you for a very helpful weekend. I have managed an enormous workload these past two days but am keeping myself in the Now and returning to the God within. It really works!”

JoannaUnity Retreat Participant

“I’m delighted to share with you all my feedback concerning the recent Silent Retreat at Holland House in Worcestershire. At this retreat there was a loving and healthy respect from all in attendance where you could give attention, to your spiritual life. It was one of the most powerful retreats that I have been on. I would definitely say that this is worth going to in the future if you want to develop and maintain a healthy consciousness”

BeverleySilent Unity Retreat Participant

Dearest Friends,
I received my Daily Word today with joy knowing all that love was sent with it. I always sit down, open the envelope and read all the letters etc, the enclosures and affirmations, it does me the world of good. I feel you, my family are with me, no matter what is going on around me and within me. I feel blessed to hear from you, knowing you love me and are praying for me. Thank you for your letters and affirmations I have received in the last week. It is all precious to me and still I read and trust that all will be well and that all is well now xx

M.H Hampshire Daily Word Reader

“I’ve read many spiritual books and magazines and have received blessings from each one. However, several years ago something very strange started to happen. I would be worrying about something, or struggling against an issue, and the very next Daily Word message would address it. I would pray at night and every morning. It was like God was directly and specifically answering me through Daily Word ..

J. G, LondonLong time Daily Word Reader

"I am 85 years old or young, whichever way one care to look at it, and I don't go out much, so all my books, booklets and of course my beloved Daily Word mean a lot to me. The readings have helped me to lead a contented life and because I have found God within, I have inner peace which is wonderful. I hope all this makes sense, but I had to write to you. By the way I have received Daily Word for over 30 years and it changed my life"

S. H Hampshire Daily Word Reader and Silent Unity Caller

"A circle where everyone is welcomed, affirmed, appreciated and accepted, just as they are: whole. #radicalacceptance Thank you @Unityuk"

Dave via Twitter Unity gathering member

How Maya Angelou Discovered Unity

In this video the late great Dr Maya Angelou, talks to Oprah about how she discovered Unity and how it changed her life. The book mentioned is a Unity Classic, Lessons in Truth by Emille Cady.

5-Principles-Montage-4Unity’s Five Principles

The Five Principles represent core teachings of Unity’s spiritual movement.

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